Essential US Manufacturer Seeks help during facility shutdowns and labor constraints during Covid

About This Project

US Manufacturing is being tested in today’s Covid work environment.  Manufacturers do not have the luxury of working from home and Covid protocols and actual cases have proved challenging to producing quality products.  One of these companies, a large multinational packaging manufacturer, found themselves themselves leaning on their sister plants to meet an increase in production demand. They were also experiencing challenges with workforce constraints and regular maintenance offline.

The manufacturer needed a partner who could react at the moment’s notice when tooling and materials had to shift for production to continue.  Many of the customers’ products feed directly into essential product supply chains and are heavily relied on for distributing cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers.

We worked closely with the manufacturer and their production planning teams for viable options for capacity within their manufacturing network.  Corsan was on call and waited patiently as production was planned at different manufacturing plants across their US plants.  Corsan trucks were ready and loaded on-site as tooling and material became available. Once the product was ready for shipment, sometimes within our driver’s 10-hour break, we delivered it directly to customers ensuring these essential products were available on shelves to help protect Americans.

The ultimate result:

Uninterrupted production and continued service is what this customer entrusted Corsan to do and our team executed flawlessly, helping us form a true partnership that continues to grow.  Throughout this process Corsan maintained our 98% OTD within the executive dashboard.

“Bottom lines & investor relationships are important but when it comes to making sure our customers succeed through our services and creating partnerships, that is our goal everyday. Every move counts.”  Steve Coffron