Creating a Better Solution for Your Needs

The same basic approach to modern business needs just doesn’t cut it anymore. In today’s fast-paced consumer environment, businesses need a better way to source, store, and ship their products and materials. That’s why Corsan made it our mission to develop a better way to help companies reach their customers and grow their businesses.

Freight Solutions

When transporting your products is critical, Corsan delivers. We understand you are entrusting us with your customer and delivery must be professional, on time, accurate, and cost effective.  We are tasked with understanding your business as well as you do.

Freight Solutions:

  • Lane Capacity
  • Dedicated Fleet
  • Lane Analysis & Optimization
  • Regional or Shuttle services
  • Expedited Shipments
  • Secure Shipments
  • Straight Truck
  • Driver Assist Unload or Tailgating Services
  • Product Track & Trace
    • Geofencing Alerts
    • Delivery Notification Systems

Consumer Products

Corsan has the ability and resources to work with different companies to source, manufacture, and distribute different consumer products.  Whether it’s a current brand or a private label, we can secure both domestic and overseas manufacturing, logistics, and help seat the products at retailers for customer distribution and e-commerce. We can bring your product ideas to life.

We offer:

  • Hardline products
  • Private and domestic brands
  • Sourcing of products manufactured abroad and domestically
  • Finished products ready for the distribution network

Distribution and Warehouse Solutions

Warehousing and distribution solutions play pivotal roles in the supply chain, ensuring that the products stored are able to be accessed and delivered promptly and correctly. Corsan designed our warehousing and distribution solutions to help you optimize your business. We have created a highly-specialized, streamlined distribution system that enables you to move and store products quicker, easier, and most cost-effectively.

Online Order Fulfillment Solutions

Online order fulfillment should be an easy process, and Corsan has designed a new system to help streamline the service. Through our uniquely developed program, suppliers are provided with the exact cost to warehouse and distribute every single item. This helps suppliers know exactly what costs to expect without surprise fees often charged by other 3PL partners.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Effective warehouse storage and management is crucial to maintaining and protecting your extra products and materials. Corsan has the space to keep your inventory safe, secure, and ready for shipment. Our warehouses are conveniently located to make shipping and distribution to any point in America easy, simple, and cost-effective.